• Mining Roundup: Rigs for Home Heating and a Bitcoin Backbone

    What’s happening in the world of mining? As recent coverage suggests, the network is beginning to see a steadily rising hashrate as mines around the world get started and ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place in Amsterdam

    This year’s Bitcoinference Summer 2014 will take place at the Amsterdam Science Park. The conference will be held September 3 – September 5. According to the organizers the international “Bitcoi ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Storj Crowdsale Ends, Users to be Rewarded

    The initial Storj crowdsale has finally come to a close, and the Storj team is pleased with the results, having raised at least 910 BTC. Although they are still hard at work on furthering deve ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Bitcoin Developments In The US / Troy Kuhn / August 22, 2014 at 10:19 am EST Wedbush Securities’s latest report states that the volatility in Bitcoin prices will continue. However, it added that such volatili ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Can the Bitcoin Market Sustain so Many Altcoins?

    Altcoins have been around for longer than you’d think, but it wasn’t until Bitcoin started making the news, and the price skyrocketed for anyone to start seriously considering altcoins. Litecoin took ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Market Focus: Anonymity

    As most working in the bitcoin space will tell you, Bitcoin is not anonymous, it is pseudonymous. Now at first glance that statement feels a bit superfluous, a play on words if you will. Leavi ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Dogecoin Cloud Mining – CoIntellect Review

    It isn’t often I review cloud mining services. Quite frankly, most of them don’t seem too interesting; however, it was too difficult to pass up the gem I discovered the other day. Meet CoIntel ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Bitcoin Price Reaction from the community

    Recently, we conducted a poll here at the Cryptocoin Chronicle. many people voted in the poll, and expressed their views on the price drop of Bitcoin in the Bitcointalk Thread I created. I wan ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • BBA Bitcoin Warrior Weekly Recap (August 21, 2014)

    Analysis provided by Bitcoin BullBear. The absence of volatility made an abrupt exit this week as prices moved down 30%, rallied 20%, and have now stabilized somewhat above $500. While we ar ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
  • Bter – Exclusive Interview and Patented Security

    There have been some recent news surrounding a well known exchange based in China named Bter. In this incident 50,000,000 NXT coins were stolen by a hacker who gained access to the Bter servers by usi ...

    Saturday, 23 August 2014
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