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Ancient Greek philosophers learned the importance of dreams: that dreams tied into our reality somehow, but notably that we must first dream of something before we can make it reality. Man told stories and dreamed of flying to the moon, and then with dreams created for generation after generation, we achieved it.
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download-(3) Manchester-based mining outfit Alpha Technology has missed its July delivery target, stating that technical problems and a dispute with PayPal have caused delays. Alpha Technology, which began taking pre-orders for its ASIC miners in January this year, now says it aims to deliver by September. “We may have perhaps overpromised,” Alpha Technology’s 23-year-old managing director [...]
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Travelers to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague can pay for hotel bookings in bitcoin at any of the Holland’s three easyHotels. The easyHotel Holland website offers a “pay in bitcoin” option upon checkout that generates a BitPay invoice, QR code and wallet address included, to settle the payment. easyhotel checkout  
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reddit share twitter share facebook share google share linkedin share bitcoin lightningThe past year has seen a huge increase in the number of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe. There have been machines from Genesiscoin, Cryptex Card, Robocoin, and finally, [...]
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Ethereum is an upcoming decentralized application platform. Ethereum itself is a programming language that is entirely decentralized, unlike many other online hosts. Ethereum’s “cryptofuel” is Ether, which is entirely an original concept that was created from scratch, distancing itself from Bitcoin. The possible uses for Ethereum are virtually limitless, from creating new alt-coins, decentralized voting, and even data storage.
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