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Serge: Can you tell us about Coinffeine? Ximo: Coinffeine is a next-generation bitcoin exchange, where we use the properties of the bitcoin protocol and we reuse existing payment processors to provide an enhanced security model. This lets us remove any single point of failures or trusted third parties, and move towards a purely distributed, P2P bitcoin exchange. There are several advantages of [...]
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Regulators Bitcoin New York’s BitLicense was a particular hot topic for the weekend. Bruce Fenton told the audience at TNABC that current regulators aren’t our friends. Some of the specific regulations regarding New York’s BitLicense seem a bit excessive. Lawsky has said that the regulations are to weed out bad actors, but such measures can weed out even good actors. Fenton [...]
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BitcoinDark BitcoinDark Transitions from POW Phase to Pure POSBTCD BTCD-300x84 BitcoinDark BitcoinDark Transitions from POW Phase to Pure POSBTCD BTCD-300x84BitcoinDark (BTCD) was launched as an ASIC compatible PoW/PoS cryptocurrency with some [...]
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poloniexOn July 19th, US-based cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced that it will be adding the jl777hodl asset (ticker symbol JLH) to its exchange platform. The listing of this fund, which “represents a basket of high-performance crypto initiatives,” would mark the first crypto-asset available on a centralized exchange, according to a news bulletin sent by [...]
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Updated ccMiner Fork with Improved X15 Algorithm Support Posted on 20 July 2014. Tags: Crypto Mining ccminer-1-2-x15-windows-new The author of the ccMiner fork with support for the X15 algorithm for Nvidia GPU miners, djm34, has updated his code to improve the performance of X15 mining (source). We have compiled a windows binary and the hashrate [...]
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